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We provide our services using the following technologies, though we are not limited to the ones listed below:

Automated Test Tools:

  • HP QTP /UFT, Selenium Test Complete, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 - CodedUI, WatiN, Watir, FitNesse, Ranorex
  • Selenium Web Driver using C#, Java, Ruby, Junit, NUnit, DBunit, DBfit
  • Performance: Jmeter, LoadRunner, Visual Studio Team System(VSTS), VS- Ultimate (Performance/Load/Stress)
  • WebServices Testing: SoapUI, Visual Studio (C#)

Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7/8/8.1, Windows Server 2008 R2 Server/2012
  • UNIX, Ubuntu Linux, & Mac OS X


  • Internet Explorer Versions 8,9,10,11
  • Mozilla FireFox Versions
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera

Mobile Versions:

  • Apple: iPhone, iPad - iOS 6, 7, 8
  • Android - Lollipop, Kitkat, Jelly Bean, Ice cream Sandwich
  • Windows Phone: 8, 8.1
  • Windows Surface: 8, 8.1


We at ItProBit offer End-to-End Testing services in the following domains. Our specialist Testing teams have extensive experience in accelerating testing through customized Test Automation solutions. Our cost-effective solutions help organizations optimize resources, enhance operational efficiency, mitigate risks and reduce time to market, allowing them to concentrate on core competencies and effect business expansion and improved service delivery.

Financial Services
Healthcare & Life Sciences

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Why US?

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We're the gateway to our client's quality products. Our stringent test processes to single-mindedly deliver quality software applications to our client stands us out from companies. When coming to choosing your testing partner, there are many factors that you need to evaluate and consider, here are few of many reasons why we think it formulates our unique selling proposition:

Commitment to Quality:
At ItProBit we are committed to providing quality services and solutions to our clients. Our commitment to quality and total client satisfaction is the responsibility of every employee and is demonstrated by our quality system, on-going management review and continual improvement based on the client feedback.

Partner, not a Vendor
Though there are seemingly unfavourable factors, such as differences of locations, culture and time zones, ItProBit’s commitment is to provide excellent team collaboration with our partners. Such collaborations have been successful for the ItProBit Test Labs that have been running as part of our clients' QA/Testing centers or testing departments. ItProBit's responsive and friendly approach has helped to create happy and effective working relationships with a personal touch between our team members and the client’s team members.

Clients benefit from our expertise in delivering Software Testing & QA Services and Solutions. We have experience in delivering services & solutions in most of the latest trend technologies. We've what it needs to deliver the best in the technology though innovation and continous process improvement.

We believe in investing in infrastructure and our employees. We run on the latest infrastructure to make the job quicker and easier. We are striving to build a world class facility having the best infrastructure. We consider Information Protection and Data protection as important factors when building our infrastructure. An example of our infrastructure includes Dell Inspiron machines, Dell Power Edge servers, latest version of iPhones and iPads and all licensed version of software in the test lab.

Low cost does not mean low quality. Organizations will enjoy tremendous savings by going offshore. We would like you to consider our resourcing strategy i.e. the blend of onshore and offshore resources.

We are located in the UK and India. Our offshore offices have an advantage of being ahead in time of the Canada, Europe, and US clients.

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Pilot Test

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FREE! Pilot Test

ItProBit is offering two (2) weeks of FREE software Testing & QA services for new clients. Testing will be conducted by 2 experienced testers - under the supervision of our Test Lead (15 man days inc. Test Lead). There is no risk, no long-term obligation or no hidden costs. To begin discussions further, please fill out the form below – and our representative will call you to discuss. We follow full fledged testing techniques, process, and domain expertise to perform pilot testing on your product. For companies following Agile methodology, you can fit in the 2 weeks pilot test into your sprint, we follow Agile-Scrum by the book to make it easier for you and use tools like Visual Studio Online to show you the progress.

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Outsourced testing services

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Software testing outsourcing means different things to different people. It can range from bringing in an extra resource to moving responsibility for testing to an external organisation. At ItProBit we provide a number of outsourced options.

Virtual test team outsourcing

Our virtual test team service allows you to bring in specialist software testing services and resources as they are needed. This can range from bringing in an expert for a particular assignment (such as conducting a penetration test) to providing a managed testing service.


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