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QTP TFS Integration

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Qtp tfsIn Microsoft Visual Studio there is a Generic Test type that allows you to integrate with automation tools like QTP.  I have created a solution that allows you to use your existing QTP automation scripts within the Microsoft Visual Studio testing framework and here's a sample below.  The key part of this solution is transforming HP's QTP format to Microsoft’s Generic Test format so that you can publish the results to TFS.  The added benefit of this integration is that you can also use TFS for bug tracking and more.

 First you need download the QTP VBS file and modify the paths This is the main script that will execute QTP and transform the results file. This file Navigate the result folders and Comincat with QTP and TFS


In Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 there is a Generic Test type that allows to integrate with automation tools like QTP


  1. In Solution Explorer, right-click a test project, point to Add, and then click Generic Test.

A template for a generic test is added to your test project and opened in the main editing window. The new generic test is given a default name, such as GenericTest1.generic, and is displayed in Solution Explorer within the test project.

  1. Under Specify an existing program (a test, test harness, or test adapter) to wrap as a generic test, indicate the path and file name of the test, program, or third-party tool to wrap into a generic test.
  2. (Optional) Under Command line arguments to pass to the generic test, type one or more arguments to pass. Separate multiple arguments with spaces.
  3. (Optional) Under Additional files to deploy with this generic test, specify any files that the test must have to run correctly.


  1. (Optional) Under Working Directory, specify a directory that the executable file is to use as a working directory as it runs.
  2. (Optional) Specify the name of a results file.
  3. Save the generic test.
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