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Testing SOAP REST Web Service With JMeter

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We can easily run performance tests against Soap/Rest web services by using JMeter.  REST web services uses the HTTP request method with most popular protocols like : GET and POST. 

The responses return status codes indicating success or failure, along with any applicable headers, and JSON representing the affected fields (or nothing) in the message-body. In this example below, we use OpenWeatherApi  for web service test. For detailed information for the api, please visit the site:


Api to test (lookup the weather forecast by City name) 

Examples of forecast data for every 3 hours:
You can get weather forecast for 5 days with data for every 3 hours. All weather data can be obtained in JSON or XML format.

Call by city name at XML format,us&mode=xml
Call by geographic coordinats at JSON format
Call by city ID

Step 1: Define number of users in the Thread Group. In this example, we create one group with 5 users  and another group with 10 users. (Thread Group)

 5 Users

10 Users

Step 2: Add a HTTP Request to your Thread Group (Add -> Sampler -> HTTP Request) 

Step 3: Fill in the Server Name or IP, path and choose GET method. Add parameters to the request. 

Step 4: Add View Result Tree, View Result in Table, and Response Time in Graph (Add - > Listener -> View Results Tree; Add -> Listener -> View Results in Table; Add -> Listener - Response Time in Graph)

Step 5: Run script and check the result. 

5 User Result

5 User Table Result

10 User Result


When 10 users hit the service, the average response time is 41 ms; however, when 5 users hit the service, the average response time is 40 ms. The difference is 1 ms. We can conclude that the api service performance works similar for 5 or 10 concurrent users. 

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