Performance and Load Testing Overview

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Clients who adopt an integrated approach and build performance into their products enjoy much greater trust from their users and significantly minimise associated reputational risk. We understand the importance of performance test design and preparation to ensure its overall success, ensuring an appropriate focus on volumetric modelling, environments and data, along with collaboration with the wider team in order to ensure appropriate buy-in and support. Our exceptional Performance Team will then design, script and execute appropriate performance testing and conduct deep analysis providing a clear view of your solution’s performance characteristics and how to improve these. We recommend that performance testing is incorporated as early as possible in the systems development lifecycle – in partnership with performance engineering – to identify and resolve issues.

Service Benefits

  • Impartial expert advice choosing the right tools, on budget
  • Ensuring the test capability satisfies the business objectives
  • The most efficient and cost-effective testing solution for any project
  • Independent validation that deliverables meet the required quality, cost and timescales
  • Testing service that will accomplish what you need without extra costs
  • Full technical coverage across IT landscape – ERP to web

Service Features

  • Performance and load testing of websites, applications and systems including benchmarking, volume, soak and stress testing
  • Strategy, audits, and consultancy
  • Design of performance testing frameworks
  • Test tool recommendation, proof of concept, training, implementation and strategy – open source or proprietary tool solutions
  • Creation of test functions, teams, departments
  • Manual and automation solutions, including scripting
  • Measured success; test governance, KPIs, metrics and SLAs, cost control

Load testing vs stress testing: what is it?

Load testing and stress testing are different types of performance tests. Load testing shows how a system performs under a heavy load of traffic, while stress testing checks how a system functions under extreme or intense load such as traffic or usage, as well as how it recovers when the load returns to normal levels.


Because we are tools agnostic, we can use a range of test tools either open source or proprietary, including NeoLoad, JMeter, LoadRunner, Gatling FrontLine, Silk Performer and our expertise to create scenarios to ensure that internal and external applications, websites and platforms perform as intended, even at their busiest times.