When hackers exploit the vulnerabilities in your web application, that’s the nightmare. Like light travels faster, bad news travels faster and affects the credibility of your brand. There are many ethical hackers, yet black-hat hackers keep attacking your applications. We understand the fact that, security is about building the layers and making it difficult for hackers to exploit the current known security vulnerabilities that exist in the technology world! However, always be open for attacks like Heartbleed attacks. Having said that, Test Insane helps you to safeguard your users and your application against attacks that are usually performed by hackers around the world. We are here to make hacking difficult for hackers by building security layers for your application. Its a journey of stopping hackers and not a destination.


  • Certified ethical hackers, but better than them.
  • Running only tools and then generating the report.
  • Speaking security jargons without adding the value in terms of tests or attacks
  • Toolsmiths ONLY!
  • Someone who just knows to only speak without practical knowledge.


  • Have been hackers since childhood days and had their first hack during their teenage.
  • Good understanding of how web works and also how hackers work.
  • Have been involved in Information Security communities where they do responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities.
  • Have been awarded for reporting security bugs in web applications [Best Bug Awards].
  • Know that how social engineering can relate to web security.
  • Know that hacking mind-set is as important as skill-set.


OWASP TOP 10 Attacks

OWASP Top 10 attacks are the lethal attacks in more number across the globe. And that is one of the reason they make it to Top 10 by OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project). We have participated in web security projects where we have found more than 7 vulnerabilities which falls under OWASP Top 10. We have also written great exploits to build a strong case for the vulnerability that exists in the software. Take a look at the Top 10 Attacks which we perform on your web application. And trust us, if it exists in your system; we make sure we will find it. By saying it, we are emphasizing on the skills that we bring in web security testing or application security. Without much ado, here is a list of attacks that we perform,

SQL Injection
Broken Authentication & Session Management
Cross Site Scripting
Insecure Direct Object Reference
Security Misconfiguration
Sesitive Data Exposure
Missing Function Level Access Control
Using components with known vulnerabilities
Unvalidated redirects and forwards


Now, there may be compliance act for security of the software based on the laws in the country you live in or your users live in and we can help you with that. We couple specific security testing needs with our full-fledge security testing in a given period of time. We don’t want only the compliances to be tested, but also go beyond these guidelines, checklist or compliances to get a confidence in the software that is under test. When we are confident, our users will be confident and we all can have a better sleep instead of always thinking, “What if someone hacks into our web app or mobile app?” We encourage you to get your web app tested for security come what may.


Your application may be totally good in terms of security, but if your network itself is vulnerable; then its a nightmare. Often hackers love to exploit network and servers as well. Hackers always love vulnerabilities which exposes private data of large number of users, and network or database is one of the way for them to hack. At Itprobit we run network related security tests to get the confidence that there are no network based vulnerabilities. For example, we do port scanning and see if any of the ports are left open when they are supposed to be not open.


We just don’t stop after reporting vulnerabilities, we love to collaborate with your development team and provide recommendations for the fixes and also sometimes we provide counter-measures if we have the fix. This is a value added service that comes at no extra cost for you. We are happy that we have hard-core developers who can help you in giving counter-measures for the vulnerabilities reported. Now, what can be better than outsourcing your security testing to Itprobit who can deliver great value compared to other security testing providers. We love be your security testing partner instead of vendor because we value your software as much as you do. And we love to focus on your pain points being problem solvers.


Having said all these, we believe that security vulnerabilities are beyond these attacks and that is why, we also include our exploratory approach as well once we have run these general tests. We love Traffic Flooding Vulnerabilities as much as Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities. Every vulnerability is of critical severity to us because any kind of attack can occur anytime and could be lethal based on the intention of hackers.

So, now you know that only Test Insane security testers can understand black-hat hackers well as we believe that, “To be a better white-hat hacker, we need to be cool black-hat hackers while we have self-control to not commit crime, but learn!”

Not to forget that, customers who worked with us on security testing projects for their web applications have loved us for the kind of security vulnerabilities that we found and were delighted with our work.

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