Playwright & Cucumber Test automation

Learn how to use Playwright and Cucumber to automate browser testing Learn how to use Playwright and Cucumber to automate browser testing Overview This course will teach you how to use Playwright, a powerful browser automation tool, in combination with Cucumber, a behavior-driven development (BDD) tool, to write efficient and effective browser tests. You will

Become a skilled Software Tester

Become a skilled software tester Introduction to Software Testing What is Software Testing? Software testing is a crucial part of the software development life cycle (SDLC). It is a process that involves evaluating software to determine whether it meets the specified requirements and functionality, and to identify any defects or errors. Software testing helps ensure

Unit Testing With NUnit in C#

What is Unit Testing? Unit test is an automated test written and run by the developer to ensure that a piece of an application behaves as intended. Usually, unit tests cover the smallest logic unit of an application, and it helps developers to be sure that the application’s pieces work correctly.    A single unit test

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