Delivery App Script

Tired of ordinary food delivery apps? Get ready for a revolution in convenience and safety with FoodApp. We’re not just an app; we’re your cooking companion, catering to your every craving and budget.

App Features

  • Quick Access: Easy login and registration for instant access 
  • Enhanced Security: Phone verification ensures your account’s safety
  •  Password Control: Reset your password for data security
  •  Stunning Welcome: Experience an attractive welcome screen 
  • Firebase Foundation: Robust authentication and data management
  • Favorites: Save your go-to meals with a tap 
  • Menu Exploration: Confidently choose from restaurant menus
  •  Cart Management: Easily review and adjust your orders
  • Profile Control: Manage your details and enhance security
  • Real-Time Tracking: Stay informed with live order tracking 
  • Instant Restaurant Chat: Personalized communication with restaurants 
  • Order History: Revisit past orders and reorder favorites 
  • Location Selection: Choose delivery or pickup with an intuitive map
  • Discount Savings: Redeem discount codes for special offers
  •  Exceptional Design: A visually appealing app
  •  Tailored to You: Meets your cravings, preferences, and budget.


Project No. One


Branding, UX Design


March 2021